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THE BEE GEES: The BrandLaureate Premiere Award

september 19 2017

In recognition of their success as a globally acclaimed band, The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF) recently awarded the last surviving member of the group, Barry Gibb, with The BrandLaureate Legendary Award; and on behalf of his band The Bee Gees with The BrandLaureate Premier Award.

Formed in 1958, the trio had their first hit in 1967, and became even more famous with their stirring ballads and catchy dance songs, especially the disco era in the mid-to-late 1970s, with hits like Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, and More Than a Woman from the Saturday Night Fever (1977) soundtrack.

Their earlier hits include: To Love Somebody (1967), I Started a Joke (1968), How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (1971), You Should Be Dancing (1976), Too Much Heaven (1979) and Tragedy (1979) amongst many others.

They wrote all their own hits as well as write and produce for other artists. The group sang recognizable three-part tight harmonies — Robin’s clear vibrato lead vocals were a…

Celebrate the Saturday Night Fever 40th Anniversary

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever , the official soundtrack will be re-released in a brand new deluxe edition on November 17th! Including the original soundtrack on 2LP & 2CD (plus 4 remixes), the original movie on BluRay, a 24 page book, 5 art prints, a movie poster and turntable mat, the Bee Gees' Saturday Night Fever returns bigger and better than ever. Pre-order yours now!

Happy 40th Anniversary to Andy Gibb’s debut album Flowing Rivers, originally released September 9, 1977

Andy Gibb's story is often told with an unfortunate lack of emphasis on his music, except when it fits into a backhanded narrative about 70s kitsch. The fact of the matter is that Andy was exceptionally talented, and his debut album Flowing Rivers brimmed with promise. The majority of the project showcased his original songs, many of which had been written prior to his arrival in the United States where he signed a recording contract in the summer of 1976 with RSO Records. Flowing Rivers was a culmination of about two years' worth of writing and recording, which Andy had begun while living and working in Australia—a training ground strongly suggested by his older brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice as the experience was a critical catalyst in the evolution of the Bee Gees.

At the helm of those early sessions was famed Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Col Joye, who had, intriguingly, also produced his brothers' debut single, "The Battle of the Blue and The…

Listen to Bee Gees Demos

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Ronan Keating has reflected on the amazing time he spent working with Bee Gees legend Barry Gibb in the late 90s

Ronan Keating says getting to spend a week writing songs with Bee Gees legend Barry Gibb was an "amazing experience".

The former Boyzone singer was involved in the recording of the disco legends' compilation LP 'Love Songs' and co-wrote and produced the song 'Lovers and Friends' in 1999 with Barry and his late brother Maurice, who sadly died four years later at the age of 53.

Speaking during his first ever Breakfast Show for Magic Radio on Monday (04.09.17), Ronan recalled: "We spent five days away together writing and recording. It goes without saying how special The Bee Gees are and for me to work and spend time with Barry who's such a legendary writer is always such an amazing experience."

The Bee Gees - which also included the late Robin Gibb, who died of cancer in Mary 2012 - released the album consisting of all of their ballads in 2005 and it features some lesser known hits including 'Secret Love' and 'For Whom the Bell Tolls&…

Bee Gees interview Brit Awards Special

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the adoration Trilogy

The Adoration Trilogy
A collaboration between Roger Daltrey and Alistair Morrison in aid of children's cancer charities. The Adoration Trilogy - Searching for Apollo. 13th November 2017
 Barry Gibb will cooperate together with many more artists!
More info when available.

Part One: Searching for Apollo Where the legendary men of music meet
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Watch video of Barry Gibb


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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Official Trailer (HD)

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A letter to all fans about some plans to create a special memory for Andy Gibb in Miami Beach, next March. etc. GSI was asked to assist by spreading the word of this special idea to some other fangroups around the world and to all the Gibb fans. GSI has signed a letter which will be send to the City Of Miami Beach in name of all fans of GSI website and GSI Facebookgroup!! Fans do not have to sign individually! 

 We hope you will like the idea. More information will follow as soon as available Thank you Deborah for starting this initiative. Marion / GSI FOR ANDY GIBB'S MEMORY 

 Deborah CRISTINA, Sicily (Italy) My Dear Lifelong Fans of our beloved Andy GIBB, I decided to embark on this adventure because some years ago Andy GIBB touched my heart in a very special way. Since then, I deeply feel the desire that the memory of this young artist, whose smile and talent are indelibly imprinted in the memory of innumerable fans, is honored in the most beautiful way. The things th…

Bee Gees - Massachusetts - Bern, Switzerland (10 March, 1968)

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Robin Gibb 31st March 2008

Stockton schoolboy vows to help terminally ill dad by releasing Bee Gees charity single

AN EIGHT-year-old boy is determined to make his terminally ill father proud by releasing a poignant charity single penned by former Bee Gee, Barry Gibb.
Schoolboy Callum Lane-Tingle vowed to raise £5,000 for Cancer Research UK after his dad, Andrew Tingle, was given a devastating diagnosis that he has only months to live.
Mr Tingle, a 47-year-old operations director, had a kidney and his adrenal gland removed in April 2016, but doctors discovered last month that his cancer had spread to his lungs, pancreas and lymph nodes and was now incurable.
However, his young son, a pupil at Stockton’s Fairfield Primary School, decided to enlist the help of seasoned North-East singer, Keith Hammersley, who has recorded his version of the moving Bee Gees song, Morning Of My Life.

Middlesbrough-born crooner, Mr Hammersley, who has performed alongside Bob Monkhouse, Bradley Walsh and Des O’Connor, said: “It is a very touching song and it really registers with the remarkable charity work of young Callu…

Bee Gees Sgt. Pepper Film Coming to Blu-ray

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Shout! Factory will release the film of the same name on Blu-ray on Sept. 26. The film is available for pre-order now. The 1978 musical features reinterpretations of over 20 classic Beatles songs. Special features on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band include an audio commentary with pop culture historian Russell Dyball, galleries and the original theatrical trailer. The film synopsis, according to a press release: “The one and only Billy Shears (multi-platinum recording artist Peter Frampton) and his best friends the Hendersons (Rock and Roll Hall of Famers The Bee Gees) are four young men from the quaint little town of Heartland. With superstardom calling, this fabulous foursome leaves Heartland—and Billy’s beloved Strawberry Fields (Sandy Farina)—vulnerable to mean Mr. Mustard, who steals Sgt. Pepper’s magical instruments for a fiendish, ‘evil force that would poison young minds, po…

Columbus-based musician Samantha Gibb's ambitious Bee Gees tribute album is a true family affair

When I interviewed local singer-songwriter Samantha Gibb last summer, she hinted at a new recording project that would surface within the next year. In the months following, she and her longtime collaborator and close friend Lazaro Rodriguez began work on what would eventually become Please Don’t Turn Out The Lights, a full-length album tribute to the musical legacy of her father Maurice and uncles Barry and Robin, better known as the Bee Gees. In addition to her own contributions, she committed to making the Please… a unique family affair, enlisting nearly an entire generation of younger Gibbs to record their own interpretations of the band’s (as well as youngest brother Andy’s) iconic songs. Under the moniker The Gibb Collective, the finished product was released on vinyl on May 31, and became available digitally on June 16 — appropriately arriving on Father’s Day. Given the expanse and popularity of the Bee Gees’ catalog, it seems improbable that it hasn’t received a comprehensive st…

Exclusive: PP Arnold’s Lost Sessions With Eric Clapton, Derek & The Dominos, Barry Gibb For October Release

US soul vocalist PP Arnold will have The Turning Tide, her shelved album of songs produced by first Barry Gibb and Eric Clapton, released by Kundalini Music on 6 October. The late 1960s-turn of the '70s recordings feature future members of Derek and the Dominos and songs written by Jagger & Richards, Steve Winwood and others, and will coincide with the publication of her autobiography of the same name by St James Publishing House and a UK tour. These songs have, for decades, been a lost entry in the remarkable story of the Los Angeles-born singer. Her longtime relationship with the British music scene started when she arrived in England as a member of Ike & Tina Turner's Ikettes and was recommended by Mick Jagger to sign to Andrew Loog Oldham's Immediate label.
Arnold sang with the Small Faces and had a UK top 20 hit in 1967 with what many still see as the definitive version of Cat Stevens' 'The First Cut Is The Deepest,' among many releases for Immediate…


Barry Gibb attending the O2 Silver Clef Awards 2017

©  (Ian West/PA)
Bee Gees star Barry Gibb has said it was important for him to speak out about the abuse he suffered as a child because other young people have experienced the same thing.
The singer revealed earlier this month that a man tried to molest him when he was four.
Arriving at the O2 Silver Clef Awards, hosted by musical therapy charity Nordoff Robbins, he said: “I was in the middle of an interview and I was talking about the Isle Of Man and really early childhood and it just came out, it was something I had never told anybody and it wouldn’t be appropriate to continue that any longer. 

Whatever happened to me happened to me, but I reach out to the kids that it’s happened to as well and that is really it, I can’t really expand on that.”
He recently told the Radio Times: “There was a moment in time when a man tried to molest me when I was about four years old. He didn’t touch me, but other things happened, and happened to other kids.
“And eventually they came and arrested him, an…

Barry Gibb brings Glastonbury to its feet

We're calling it: Islands In The Stream has become the unofficial anthem of Glastonbury. Kenny Rogers debuted the song in 2013; and Dolly Parton featured it in her record-breaking set a year later.
Now Barry Gibb, who wrote the song, has made it the centrepiece of his performance at the festival's coveted "legend slot".
It was one of a dozen or more classics from his, and the Bee Gees', catalogue that made it impossible to stand still.
There was a sense of euphoria as he ran through the likes of Tragedy, Jive Talkin' and Night Fever, his falsetto never wavering in the bright afternoon sun.

 As has now become tradition in the legend slot, Glastonbury's security team joined the performance, with a choreographed routine to Stayin' Alive that brought a huge smile to Gibb's face.

His triumphant set came a year after Gibb joined Coldplay on the Pyramid Stage for two Bee Gee covers: To Love Somebody and what Chris Martin called "the greatest song of all …

'I don’t like being on my own': Last Bee Gee Barry Gibb on missing his brothers as he prepares Glastonbury tribute

Bee Gees survivor  Barry Gibb  takes to theGlastonbury  stage for the most emotional performance of his life. More than 100,000 revellers will see Barry, 70, sing in memory of his late twin brothers Robin and Maurice. And he reveals: “I don’t like being on my own, I miss them so much. I can still feel them. I smell my brothers’ breath. I get that feeling that they are right there I feel as if they are there guiding me. I can’t say how. We were a group for 45 years. We were glued to each other.” Robin died after a long battle with liver and colon cancer in 2012, aged 62. Maurice died nine years earlier after a heart attack. Barry says: “I don’t like being on stage on my own. I miss my brothers. I get nerves being on stage on my own because it is so new to me. “We would all lean on each other. I ‘d lean on Maurice and Robin and they would lean on me and somehow we’d get through every show. We knew how each other felt. I knew what their opinions were. We were three brothers and it was not a de…

Barry Gibb reveals childhood trauma

Barry Gibb dropped a bombshell this week,The Bee Gees singer, who lives in Miami, claims a man attempted to sexually abuse him in his youth. The 70-year-old told the British program Radio Times he hadn’t wanted to share what happened to him after all these years and was hesitant. “I’ve never said this before, Jesus Christ, should I be saying it now?” said Gibb. “But there was a moment in time when a man tried to molest me when I was about four years old. He didn’t touch me, but other things happened, and happened to other kids.” Though this person’s identity is unclear, Gibb did say he was ultimately arrested. It traumatized the music legend. “Four years old and a policeman on your bed at four in the morning, interviewing you,” he said. “If that doesn’t teach you about life, nothing does. But it’s vivid for me still. I’ve never told anybody.”
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Barry Gibb to symphonica in Rosso petition

text English and German  below Barry Gibb naar Symphonica in Rosso?? Dit jaar is Simply Red de artiest die de Symphonica in Rosso concerten gaat verzorgen in het Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Veel fans in Nederland willen proberen om tijdens een van de volgende edities van Symphonica, Barry Gibb naar Nederland te krijgen. In 2018 of 2019. GSI  heeft die gedachte al een tijdje en is al in contact met mensen in Barry’s team die gewerkt hebben bij Symphonica in Rosso dus het concept goed kennen. We zijn bezig ten eerste om te bekijken of er interesse is bij Mojo Concerts de organisatie van Symphonica en bij Barry’s booking agency en of zij samen tot een overeenstemming kunnen komen. Pas dan kunnen er plannen gemaakt worden en voorbereidingen beginnen. Symphonica In Rosso heeft een lange voorbereidingstijd nodig. Wil je een petitie tekenen om je interesse te tonen voor Barry Gibb tijdens een van de volgende Symphonica edities, dan doe dat zo snel mogelijk!! GSI zal je verder op de hoogte houden als…

Bobby Osborne shows his thoroughbred credentials -i've gotta get a message to you

Anyone familiar with the music of the Osborne Brothers from the 1960s and 1970s might recognise the bridge-building spirit that tethered the ancient strains of bluegrass to the punkier sensibilities of newgrass. Now, at the tender age of 85, Bobby Osborne is back, with considerable style and panache. This humdinger of a collection is anchored by Osborne’s no-nonsense, high lonesome vocals, a truck load of guests (from Vince Gill to Jim Lauderdale and Darrell Scott) and the steady hand of Alison Brown on banjo and production duties. The mood is one of slightly detatched but utterly compelling wonder at the vicissitudes of living (love lost, lorn and unrequited), and the palette is technicolour. Osborne does Elvis’s Don’t Be Cruel with nonchalant ease, and The Bee Gees’ I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You with throwaway delight. A thoroughbred, through and through.

interview Samantha Gibb

August 26, 2016Carrying on in her family's musical tradition, the pure-voiced singer-songwriter brings her growing catalog to the stage at Galena Summerfest this Saturday Singer-songwriter Samantha Gibb will join the main stage music line-up at the eighth annual Galena Summerfest on Saturday afternoon.

If her surname didn’t immediately clue you in, Gibb comes by her musicianship rather honestly given that her family’s contributions to the industry has a six-decade-long reach. She is the daughter of the late singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Maurice Gibb, who – along with her uncles Barry and Robin – carved out one of the most prolific and enduring legacies in music history as the Bee Gees. Grandfather Hugh Gibb was the leader of his own big band orchestra in the 1940s – a popular fixture in ballrooms and dance halls across Northern England and Scotland – and would later serve as the original manager of his young sons’ careers when the Bee Gees formed…